The 3,200 sqm beachside restaurant – known as the ‘wild child’ of the venerable, award-winning Mozaic brand – creates a different type of excitement for foodies with multiple dining spaces and “sipping cocktail” lounge areas. The Mozaic Beachclub is a long beachside dream of Chris Salans, Chef-owner of the Ubud famed Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud for over four years, Chris Salans finally offers Bali’s breezy ambiance and relaxed South Coast, a taste of Mozaic, beachside style.

The à la carte menu of Chef James Ephraim is highly influenced by his years of London high end cuisine, New Zealand fresh produce and the Great Barrier of Reef trendy flavours, and his years of embracing the Mozaic food philosophy. From travels to Spain and Europe’s latest food concepts, Chef Ephraim was enabled to create a fantastic concept of freshness and creativity, inspired by a myriad of influences and seasoned with passion.

The stunning dining room at the Mozaic Beachclub, is a sophisticated dining option with views over the west Coast of Bali and a outstanding interior where Lotus Arts de Vivre accents spill into the dining room from the boutique, and where the Lotus Arts de Vivre feel becomes perfect synergy with the excellence known from Mozaic.